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19-8 Hospital Ministry of Public Security: Many new techniques in the treatment of degenerative joints

ANTD.VN – This morning, 23-5, 19-8 Hospital – Ministry of Public Security held a workshop “New advances in the diagnosis and treatment of knee degenerative disease”, and the dissemination of knowledge. About the diagnosis and treatment of this common pathology to the staff in the health system of the CAND.

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Treatment for patients in Orthopedic Trauma Department, Hospital 19-8 Ministry of Public Security

Dr Vu Hoai Nam, Head of Orthopedic Trauma Department, Hospital 19-8 Ministry of Public Security said that degenerative joint disease is progressing over time, its age is becoming more and more popular due to the average life expectancy of people Our country is increasingly improving. Private Hospital 19-8 Ministry of Public Security in recent years has treated the front ligament cross-over through endoscopy for more than 2,000 patients.

At present, treatment of degenerative joints in two directions is medical and surgical treatment, in our country in the past with people under 60 years old and over 85 years old is mainly designated medical treatment.

With the latest advances in science and technology, we have the best methods, such as the injection of anti-inflammatory drugs, the injection of mucus into the knee joint, or the use of blood. The platelet oil (from the patient’s body) is injected directly into the knee joint to regenerate cartilage …

Depending on the stage of joint injury, there are appropriate treatments, such as physical therapy, lifestyle changes, weight loss. If these methods are still ineffective, physicians may use endoscopic cleansing of cartilage, broken cartilage, and finally, joint replacement surgery.

Dr Vu Hoai Nam added that in our country is still mainly performed replacement joint full degeneration. However, with the latest advances in technology, doctors have been able to do partial replacement, which is what the lesion is replacing. This has reduced the cost of treatment for patients, while ensuring higher treatment effectiveness.

In particular, if the total replacement is usually prescribed to patients aged 60 years or older, however, with partial replacement therapy, physicians may be able to recommend early treatment to younger, more qualified physicians. Live better for the patient, avoid the patient suffering pain to wait until the joint degeneration near the end of the surgery.

According to Dr. Vu Hoai Nam, osteoarthritis is more common in women than men, usually after age 35, especially in postmenopausal women. The most common mistake of patients is that many people have pain, have degenerative joint but suffer, do not go to treatment immediately, not guided exercise, physical therapy is appropriate.

“Many people think that exercise, running or walking as much as possible, recently had a” 10,000 foot walk “movement to protect the health, but that concept is not exactly correct. For those who have degenerative joints, if improperly exercised, improper method, excessive walking, the risk of degeneration joints faster, “- said Vu Hai Nam.

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