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Viet Duc Hospital applies new technology in the treatment of spine for children

On 4-6, GS. Stuart Weinstein, the world’s leading expert on spinal surgery, former president of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery, was present at Viet Duc Hospital, Charges for spine babies.

GS. Stuart Weinstein examines spine babies

GS. Stuart Weinstein said he would transfer to Viet Duc doctors a number of new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques focused on children under 10 years old to prevent early scoliosis. Best. One of the new techniques is “miracle splinters,” which apply to very young patients, ages 3 and up. The doctor uses the patient’s spine to keep the spine from growing.

According to Prof. Stuart Weinstein, the “splint”, can be flexed using a control device from the outside. From 3 to 6 months, patients will need to go to the clinic to use the device to control the splint. When the patient is 9-10 years old, it is possible to remove the splint and replace it with a fixed brace. Previously, the old technique should each brace, patients have to surgery, now the patient only to the clinic to relax, both pain, reduced cost, not hospitalized and effective treatment. Advanced.

GS. Stuart Weinstein also said that the annual monitoring showed that the quality of treatment of spinal patients in Viet Duc Hospital is improving. Doctors have done very well in comparison with the requirements of the countries, because they keep updating new knowledge about surgery as well as treatment of the spine. However, many patients come for treatment in the late stage, so it is necessary to add knowledge to the lower level doctors for early diagnosis and this is very important in the case of intensive development.

GS. Stuart Weinstein talked with surgeons from Viet Duc Hospital

Assoc. Dinh Ngoc Son said scoliosis of children accounted for 0.5 to 1% of the population. It is worth mentioning that, if not detected early and timely treatment will leave many serious consequences, affecting other functions of the body, especially during the development of children from 5-8 years, As a circulatory system, the lungs on the lung, affecting the heart and later, may be difficult to give birth if a woman. Stuart Weinstein also reported that the rate of scoliosis in Vietnam as well as other countries, there are more patients, higher number of patients, late detection and treatment later. “In Vietnam, I met a lot of patients from 9 to 10 years old but in patients only 3-4 years old was detected.” Stuart Weinstein noted.

Assoc. Dinh Ngoc Son hopes that, with the investment in the training of primary care physicians, it will help early detection of patients with scoliosis, in collaboration with specialists with early treatment and prevention. Scoliosis is severe. The new technique requires the doctor to be highly trained and have a moni- toring machine for the pulp.If the stretches too stretch, the machine will alarm. In addition, the Department of Spine Surgery also uses positioning robot to assist surgery, ensuring accuracy and safety.

“With a team of qualified physicians and proficient professionals, from now on, the technology of bracing will be routinely applied at Viet Duc Hospital.” Information paints.

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