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Viet Duc Hospital: First application of new technology in the treatment of spinal pain

SKDS – On April 28, at Viet Duc Hospital, the first three patients were spine trauma specialists using the new Spinaut-E catheter technology to treat spondylosis.

TS. Dr. Dinh Ngoc Son, Head of Spinal Surgery Department – Viet Duc Hospital said, with the support of experts from Korea, on 28/4, Khoa began to deploy new surgical methods with the catheter Spinaut -HEY. The first three patients after the consultation will be conducted by doctors conducting pain medicine. Of which, two cases of disk herniation, and one paralytic, post-transplant myelitis. In case of paralyzed cases, this method is expected to support patients suffering from pain (not previously treated), but can not be cured.

Sharing information at the workshop “Pain management in spinal disease” took place on 28/4 at Viet Duc Hospital, Doctors of Spinal Surgery, spinal lumbar disc herniation is a universal disease Variable in the spine pathology group. Although the disease is not life-threatening, it causes a lot of pain, restricts movement, affects the quality of life of patients. Previous studies have shown that signs found in 100% of patients with spinal lumbar disc herniation are spinal pain. So, pain relief becomes one of the basic principles in treating a herniated disc. In pain relief, epidural injection is a technique that has long been used in many hospitals. However, with this technique painkillers will not directly reach the lesion area. Therefore, many countries in the world, including South Korea, are currently using the Spinaut-E catheter technology.

Many South Korean spine patients do not want surgery, so Spinaut-E’s pain reliever technology is actually effective in treating the disease. Each year, between 15,000 and 16,000 people are assigned to this technique for the treatment of spondylosis.

Dr. Dinh Ngoc Son said that the Spinaut-E catheter is an epidural analgesic technique, which is performed by inserting the catheter into the epidural area and inserting it into the correct location of the disc injury. , Fibrous rupture, inflammation. At the same time, this method can be mechanically detached, convenient injections to any injury.

Experts from the Department of Spinal Surgery and specialists from Korea exchanged expertise before conducting surgery for patients with spinal cord injuries on April 28.

Therefore, patients who have not had a surgical appointment or have an operation but have had surgery to delay the operation, can choose this method, to help patients get rid of the pain caused by the spine.

“This is a great option for patients who choose to undergo surgery or surgery. It spends patients with unsuccessful medical treatment, and nerve blockade also does not help. The advantage of the new method is local anesthesia, safe access, minimal impact on bone structure and especially its immediate and long-term effect, “Son said.

Dr. Dinh Ngoc Son said that with the safe approach, in place of injury, this new analgesia technique helps local anesthesia bring immediate effects, minimizing the impact on bone structure. . This method is widely prescribed for patients with spinal stenosis; disc herniation; Back pain, neck pain; Postoperative cases where the spine causes back pain, leg pain, etc.

After the first three surgeries going on today, the Spinal Surgery Department (Viet Duc Hospital) will be the first medical facility to widely deploy this technique in Vietnam.

TS. Dr. Nguyen Hoang Long, deputy head of the spinal surgery department, said that the procedure is contraindicated in patients with a ponytail syndrome (a severe hernia that causes severe spinal paralysis or dysuria. ); Patient with muscular atrophy; Patients who have had surgery but are afflicted with nerve or some patients are allergic to one of the ingredients used. Unless old-fashioned intervention is not effective, the new patient is assigned to use this new method.


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