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Doctors of spinal surgery hospital Viet Duc Friendship Hospital successfully performed the first spinal disc herniation using the front endoscopic method.

On November 24, the Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital, the Orthopedic Trauma Institute and the Spine Surgery Department, performed the first two cases of spinal disc herniation with a neck-and-neck surgery. . This is the first technique applied in Vietnam. The operation was performed with the support of Korea’s leading experts in the field of endoscopic spine surgery.

At present, the technology of the frontal lumbar spine surgery is applied in many developed countries such as USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, China …, in which Germany and Korea are the pioneers. About this technique.

Previously, patients with spinal disc herniation had to undergo open surgery, replacing artificial beds or screws, bone grafts, prolonged hospital stay and high risk of complications, however. The new technique, the surgery of endoscopy, has overcome these limitations.

Dr. Dinh Ngoc Son – Head of spinal surgery – Orthopedic Trauma Institute, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, endoscope is increasingly applied in the surgery industry in general.The use of surgical endoscopic laparoscopy has many advantages, such as the ability to observe well in deep or narrow areas, the use of very small diameter endoscopic catheters compared to open surgery. Often it reduces the likelihood of injury to other components so that the patient quickly integrates into everyday life much faster than traditional open surgery.


Experts watch a video of a patient’s spinal disc herniation before surgery

With specialized in spine surgery, endoscopic surgery is less invasive and is a trend of development of the world, helping patients recover quickly, less complications, short hospital stay (1-2 days only). ). The important part of laparoscopic surgery is to take only the diseased part of the spine, while the healthy part preserves the anatomical structure and preserves the maximum function of the spine.

For specialized spine surgery, laparoscopy is usually prescribed for cases of hernia and lumbar disc herniation where the anatomy consists solely of nerves.

Dr Dinh Ngoc Son also said that in Vietnam, methods of laparoscopic lumbar spine surgery have been conducted in some major centers of spinal surgery. At the Department of Orthopedic Surgery – Orthopedic Trauma Institute performed laparoscopic lumbar laparoscopy with two methods: laparoscopic through laparoscopic and endoscopic laparoscopy with the number of patients in nearly 1,000 schools For good results with high patient satisfaction.

In particular, with the anatomical features of the anterior spine where both the spinal cord and the nerve roots are involved, the operations are much more dangerous and are more at risk than the lumbar spine, requiring physicians. should be trained in depth.

At the Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital, doctors have been studying and applying the method of successful endoscopic surgeries for 10 cases of ancient spinal disc herniation. This method has initially yielded very positive results.

With this technique, it is a difficult technique, requiring high precision, since spinal surgery is more related to the nerves, especially the spinal column if there is a problem. It is very difficult to repair. Dr Dinh Ngoc Son also said that the frontal lumbar spine surgery is usually indicated for patients with herniated discs that cause nerve compression in the central or lateral defects, but without skeletal dislocation, , ligaments are not calcified and the disc slot is not flattened.

Following this success, the doctors of the Viet Duc Friendship Hospital continued to apply the procedure to remove the neck spinal disc herniation by front endoscopy. On November 24th, doctors performed a surgical demonstration using this method for two patients with herniated disc herniation.

Dr. Nguyen Le Bao Tien, director of the Institute of Orthopedic Trauma, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, said before the implementation of colonoscopy techniques, patients with splenomegaly escaped surgery usually open surgery, hospital stay Prolonged, there are many risk complications due to the neck concentrates more nerves, blood vessels …

“Previously, when surgery was open, the rate of patients have to undergo surgery the next time high, because the spine is devastated tissue will continue to lose, causing neck pain relapse and compression nerves, even when Lumbar spine will collapse, “said Dr. Nguyen Le Bao Tien.

Doctors of the Viet-Germany Friendship Hospital are performing an anterior spinal disc herniation for patients with a previous laparoscopic approach.

However, through studies in the world and through the period of delegation of experts to Germany and Korea learning and training, show that the ancient technique of laparoscopic surgery before the invasion is dark invasive intervention. with a success rate of over 90% and a low complication rate of less than 1%. This technique also helps the patient recover from normal activities for a few days, and restores normal activity for 2 to 6 weeks.

In addition, due to this method only remove the nerve compression to ensure the maximum spinal disc disease patients, unlike previous methods to remove the hard disk spinal disk will cause the risk of disk disease. Adverse events were reported with the incidence of 25-52% and near-parity degeneration usually occurred 3-4 years after surgery.

According to Dr. Dinh Ngoc Son, the price of this technique is about 60 million VND / shift, since this is a high technique that has not been paid by the Health Insurance.

According to PV Thai Binh / Health and Life Newspaper