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The 37th South East Asian Orthopedic Trauma Congress and the 16th Annual CTCH Scientific Symposium

On October 07, Vietnam Germany Friendship Hospital in association with the Southeast Asian Orthopedic Association (AOA) and the Vietnam Orthopedic Association organized the 37th Southeast Asian Orthopedic Association Annual Scientific Meeting of the Vietnam Orthopedics Association 16th at the Sheraton Hanoi Hotel. BMS was honored to be the Diamond Sponsor for the congress

The 37th Southeast Asian Orthopedic Association and the 16th annual Vietnam Orthopedic Association Symposium “Invasive Surgery in Orthopedic Trauma”. The conference has the attendance of nearly 1,000 doctors and specialists in the industry in Vietnam and other countries in the region.

Speaking at the congress, Prof. Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Viet Tien said: The congress is an opportunity to share experiences and exchange experiences between doctors and nurses specialized in orthopedics applying advanced and modern techniques. To improve the quality of service for patients.

BMS Company brings to the Congress the slogan “Medical Investment Partner”.

At the conference, doctors Viet Duc Friendship Hospital has performed the application of Mazor robotic surgery in less invasive lumbar vertebrae. This year’s conference has more than 40 scientific papers presented.

Image Congress: