Who We Are

As a business in Vietnam, with the pride of human history homeland country and feel the strong growing transformation of the nation, we were honored to be a company in the domestic business community growing stronger
From the practical experience, are aware of many professors, doctors in Vietnam good, enthusiastic professional qualifications but the satisfaction of the device, medical solutions to serve the lacking medical care and the patient has an annual domestic energy consuming time and money to go to medical facilities abroad, so we build a business with the primary goal is BMS bridge transfer application and technical development, providing medical equipment according to the methods of the world progress in Vietnam.
You will see that every year new methods in medical applications an essential date for the needs of diagnosis and treatment, the new method was published in the Journal of Health and television, we’re self boasts many years has regularly participated in the organization of such events and connect professor leading experts around the world working to share knowledge experiences in Vietnam.
Do not just stop there, we also have goals investment support medical facilities, support the health system of the country, providing advisory services to support project planning and sourcing investment capital , with the knowledge and experience gained through our projects have done with state funds or ODA, aid for Vietnam such as Japan, Finland, South Korea, Austria …
16 years on, we are honored to have the opportunity to work with new friends, have more time to understand more partners, customers who have been friends for many years and we are trying to create progress increasingly powerful
We always work hard and listen and change its refresh to try to meet the demands of business in this field and hope to always accompany with you to build a healthy future really nice.