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Scorpio NRG knee system

– Scorpio NRG® CR Femoral Component
– Scorpio NRG® CR Tibial Insert
– Tibial Component Baseplate
– Patella Component

Scorpio NRG® system was designed with the concept of:
• Freedom
• Mobility
• Confidence
from the viewpoint of both patients and clinicians.
– The clinically successful single M/L radius of the Scorpio NRG® design achieves full conformity at all flexion angles. The increased conformity of the Scorpio NRG® knee design results in decreased contact stresses during increasing rotation.
– Scorpio NRG® improves upon the Scorpio design by
reducing one additional transition radius and extending the single radius to 95 degrees. It has been shown that single radius designs have approximately 70% less center of
gravity sway while rising from a chair.
– Bone Conservation
Scorpio NRG® design is intended to reduce the amount of bone resection in three areas:
Resection Level
Distal and posterior resection is maintained at 8mm of bone.