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Synthetic bone graft material

General information:
geneX® represents a new class of synthetic bone graft material. The world’s first biomaterial with a controlled surface chemistry designed specifically to accelerate bone healing.
A resorbable, fully synthetic osteoconductive bone graft engineered with the unique feature of ZPCTM, Zeta Potential Control. The result is the first synthetic graft material capable of directing cell activity to produce rapid bone formation.
geneX® is a new class of synthetic bone graft material.
Biocomposites has developed a unique patented process ZPCTM, Zeta Potential Control.
When applied, this proven process enables the accurate control of material surface properties, to initiate reproducible biological activity and accelerate bone formation without the introduction of single trace elements.
Unlike other synthetic graft alternatives, geneX® is fully resorbed and replaced by bone.
Composed of a biphasic matrix of hydroxyl sulphate and calcium phosphate,
it has a dynamic porosity and optimal resorption.
geneX® has been engineered with ZPCTM, a patented process providing the graft with negative surface charge when placed in apposition to healthy bleeding bone, to produce an enhanced biological response. This negative surface charge has a profound influence on
the nature of cells harnessed by the graft. Key proteins are harnessed at the surface, directing bone cell adhesion and proliferation for rapid osteogenesis and healing.
The development of ZPCTM heralds the arrival of a new generation of biomaterials.
GeneX Putty/ GeneX Paste
2.5cc, 5cc, 10cc
Technical data:
geneX® has been engineered with SmartPores, a dynamic porosity designed to evolve with the bone healing cascade, with complete resorption of the graft material in 12 months.
geneX® is a biphasic matrix of hydroxyl sulphate and porous calcium phosphate.
The porosity development in the graft material is the direct result of carefully controlled composition.
Stronger than bone
geneX® has been shown to have a compressive strength more than 3 times that of cancellous bone on setting. The material can be drilled through and allows early fixation
of metallic implants at the surgical site. The compressive strength then reduces as the geneX® is resorbed and load is transferred to the new bone at the site
Key Properties
ZPCTM- Accelerated Bone Growth
Fully Resorbed – Replaced by bone
SmartPores- Dynamic Porosity
Compressive Strength
Sets in-situ at body temperature
Easy to use
Eliminates the risk of disease transmission
Other information:
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