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Accolade cementless femoral hip system


Material: The proximal region of the stem is coated with PureFix HA over a commercially pure titanium plasma spray substrate.
The total system includes:
• 12 body sizes ranging from size 0 to size 11
• Two anatomic offset options for each size
The stem is designed for use with Stryker V40 femoral heads and their compatible acetabular components.
– The Morphometric Wedge — an evolution of the tapered wedge — is characterized by its variable, size-specifi medial curvature.
– The ACCOLADE II Femoral Hip System is suitable for various surgical approaches, including direct anterior.
– The ACCOLADE II Hip System includes a broach-only instrumentation platform that accommodates all surgical approaches and has been streamlined for surgical effiiency.
– As the volume of THA procedures grows, effiency is becoming more important. Accolade II features a streamlined, 2 tray, broach-only instrument system. The instrument system helps promote O.R. effiiency for both surgeon and staff and reduces the number of instruments that must go through sterilization after every surgery.