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CP-ESP ® cervical disc prosthesis

– The prosthesis is composed of two titanium alloy plates, separated by a deformable part designed to make the natural movements of the disc possible.
– Deformable part including a central core made of silicone gel with microvoids and surrounded by polycarbonate urethane (PCU) securely fixed to titanium endplates.
– The combination of a hydroxyapatite (HA) coating on top of a T40 rough surface are considered as one of the best existing coating insuring good
bony fiation over time. The titanium alloy used for the end
plates allows clear medical imaging.

The CP – ESP® total disc replacement has been optimised to reconstruct the mechanical properties of the intervertbral disk and, in particular, its shockabsorbing properties. Ridges on the metallic parts transform any rotation between the two metallic parts into compression and traction forces in the internal deformable part.
The rigidity of this deformable part is as similar as possible to that of natural intervertebral discs. It is produced by a supple polycarbonate urethane cushion and a silicone core filed with compressible beads. This
supple cushion, attached to the two metal parts, acts as a shock absorber, and limits the release of particles into the body and calcifiation of the deformable parts.
Little pegs protrude from the prosthesis providing primary fixation between the vertebrae concerned. Effective secondary fixation is achieved owing to an HAP (hydroxyapatite) coating on an undercoat of pure porous textured titanium, T40
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