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Modular Dual Mobility Acetabular System

Material: Titanium
• MDM is Stryker’s Modular Dual Mobility system (Figure 4). In three dimensional simulations it also surpasses the jump distance of a traditional fixed and Biomet’s E1 Active dual mobility bearing* 4,6.
*Three dimensional digital simulations of posterior horizontal dislocation demonstrate that for a given cup size the MDM and ADM designs surpass the jump height of a traditional fixed bearing and a competitive hard-on-hard device 4,6. Although resurfacing type shells have lower jump heights, they have the greatest ROM which is needed when the native femoral neck is retained 4,6.
• The Mobile Bearing Hip System with X3 precisely engineered polyethylene is designed to help minimize the risk of wear and consequently help prolong the life of the implant5,8.
• Stryker’s patented X3 process ensures precisely engineered crosslinking to produce a uniquely wear resistant and strong polyethylene in hip and knee arthroplasty.†
• Early in-vivo clinical wear of Trident X3 was assessed via RSA (Radiostereometric Analysis). The authors concluded that ‘X3 liners have wear properties superior to those of conventional polyethylene. Measurements between 1 and 2 years’ followup suggest wear is nearly undetectable, which is encouraging for the future clinical performance of this material’12.
Advanced Fixation
• MDM harnesses the fixation benefits of the patented Tritanium13 Advanced Fixation Technology and offers the option to use cancellous bone screws.
• Unlike other three dimensional fixation offerings composed of metal alloys, Tritanium is manufactured from a commercially-pure Titanium (CPTi) matrix.