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Cannula, Twist-In

The translucent Twist-In Cannula allows direct arthroscopic visualization of instruments and suture passing through the cannula. Arthroscopic knot tying is simplified since twisted and tangled sutures can be observed and corrected during arthroscopic knot tying. The flexible option easily conforms to large or curved instruments. Each cannula is supplied with a “No-Squirt” Cap and disposable obturator. The threaded design greatly inhibits cannula “fall-out” during instrument removal and allows for capsule retraction for visualization. The side port may be used for irrigation inflow or passive outflow.

Cannula, Twist-In, 8.25 mm x 7 cm, qty. 5 – AR-6530

Cannula, Twist-In, 6 mm x 7 cm, qty. 5 – AR-6535