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Simplex Bone Cement

ngredients (75% Methylmethacrylate-styrene copolymer for strength; 15% Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) for handling; 10% Barium Sulfate for radiopaqueness).
6191-1-001 Full Dose Individual Bo
6191-1-010 Full Dose 10-pack
6188-1-001 Half Dose Individual Box
6188-1-010 Half Dose 10-pack
Benzoyl Peroxide, formulated in every bead, is crucial for determining the mixing, handling, and setting characteristics of bone cement. By encapsulating benzoyl peroxide within each methyl methacrylate-styrene-copolymer bead, Simplex P Bone Cement delivers predictable results every time.
Greater Strength
The fatigue strength of Simplex™ P was 3-times greater than that
of DePuy® 1 (CMW®).12 Simplex™ P demonstrated a fatigue
strength of 1,540 cycles x 103 versus DePuy® 1 (CMW®) at
350 x 103.12 Similar results have been reported in numerous other
comparative studies.3-13
Fatigue testing is the mean number of cycles to failure of
mechanically mixed cement in a vacuum.3
Greater Intrusion
Penetration of cement into bone can also be directly measured
as intrusion depth. Simplex™ P Bone Cement is superior to
Palacos® R.16 At room temperature, Simplex™ P achieves at least
50% deeper intrusion compared to Palacos® R .16
Greater Intrusion Depth Leads to Improved Fixation and Greater Shear Strength
The deeper cement penetrates into bone, the stronger the fixation
and shear strength of the bond.16 Penetration is affected by cement
viscosity.16 High viscosity cements such as DePuy® 1 (CMW®),
SmartSet™ HV and Palacos® R, may be too thick to penetrate
deeply into the cancellous/trabecular bone matrix.16
Simplex™ P Bone Cement is formulated to just the right viscosity
to achieve adequate bone penetration and maximum shear
strength.17 As a result, tests prove Simplex™ P Bone Cement
withstands nearly twice the mean shear stresses at the cement to
bone interface as DePuy® 1 (CMW®), and almost 20% more stress
than Palacos® R.17
Less Creep
“Creep” or plastic deformation, is a mechanical problem that can slowly,
steadily erode long-term implant performance. Bone cements that
creep too much may lead to component shifting, loosening, and failure.18
Simplex™ P creeps significantly less than Palacos® R.18